Where is the Electronic Public Inspection Desk?

The Office of the Federal Register's Public Inspection Desk has moved to www.OFR.gov/inspection.aspx.

The change was necessary to make way for Federal Register 2.0 under the URL: www.FederalRegister.gov.

We now have a link to the Federal Register Public Inspection Desk in the footer of all FederalRegister.gov pages that takes users to a departure page: http://www.federalregister.gov/learn/public-inspection-desk.

The Office of the Federal Register home page at OFR.gov also continues to host the Privacy Act Issuances for 2007 and 2009 (http://www.ofr.gov/Privacy/AGENCIES.aspx), and the OFR Catalog, which links to all Federal Register publications and services.

As we work to improve our new Federal Register beta edition we hope to better integrate the OFR.gov portal and FederalRegister.gov.