Suggested Searches

Each news section contains suggested searches designed to let users delve quickly into “trending topics” in the news, and many “evergreen” regulatory actions and notifications that appear routinely and frequently and are of particular interest to certain users.

Trending topics are items such as Dodd-Frank regulations, health care reform, education initiatives, and energy efficiency. Evergreen topics include frequently published items such as information collection notices, endangered & threatened species findings, oil and gas leasing documents, and fishery management decisions.

At any given time, a “routine” topic can become vitally important and timely, such as the Disaster Declarations & Assistance search. Some items, such as Social Security Rulings, are not published often but they can be difficult to find, and may be essential to gaining a full understanding of the law and regulations that govern this entitlement.

Caveats: We attempt to refine the suggested searches to minimize irrelevant items. For example, international economic sanctions are very different from the kinds of sanctions domestic law enforcement agencies publish in the Federal Register. We are not able eliminate all irrelevant articles from the suggested search due to the way a search engine interprets words and phrases. Our search parameters may also exclude some articles that would be relevant to the topic. If a search is not accurate enough for your purposes, you can customize our “canned” search results to fit your true area of interest.