Email Subscriptions, RSS feeds, and Social Media Sharing

The site includes tools for sharing documents with friends and communities via email notification subscriptions, RSS feeds, and Twitter and Facebook social networking applications. You also can send emails of Federal Register articles to friends and associates on a one-time basis (look for the mail icon next to Twitter and Facebook icons).


To subscribe to notifications look for the light orange “subscribe” button with the RSS and email symbols off to the right side of a page. When you click on the subscribe button, you can select from either an RSS feed or an email option.


If you choose email for notifications, just fill in your email address and click on “subscribe.” You will receive an email with a link to confirm your subscription. You can easily unsubscribe at any time with a click on “unsubscribe” in the email, and another click to confirm.

If you create a MyFR account with your email address you will be able to manage your subscriptions via our web interface.

Subscription Options

You have the option of subscribing to the following by email or RSS feed:

  • the Table of Contents of each day’s issue

  • any of our News Sections, such as Money, Environment, etc

  • a particular agency’s documents from their Agency page

  • a particular topic from the Topics pages.

In many instances, you have the option of limiting notifications to “significant” documents as defined under E.O. 12866.

You can create custom email and RSS notifications by subscribing to specific search results. Below the search box on our Search page there is a link 'Show Advanced Search' - clicking on this will reveal quite a few options to refine your search and then subscribe to it.

For example: you may want to track Airworthiness Directives issued by the FAA. Enter “Airworthiness Directives” in the search box and click. To exclude other agencies that reference airworthiness documents, choose FAA as the agency in the left column of search results. If you only want to see proposed directives, choose “Proposed Rule” as the document type.

Once you run the search by clicking the search button, you can complete then subscribe by clicking on orange “subscribe.” link at the right of the gray search box. You will start getting notifications in via email as soon as new matching documents are available.


When you click on "Subscribe" on various pages, you are offered an RSS feed as one of the options. We offer a RSS 2.0 feed that can be used with most RSS feed readers.

For example, if you are interested in creating an RSS feed to receive updates on "taxes" and issues related to taxation, you can use the "browse agencies" feature to go to the Treasury Department page. From there you can choose the sub-agencies you wish to subscribe to, such as the IRS, the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, the Fiscal Service, etc. If you click through to those agency home pages you will find a "Subscribe" button in the upper right of pages to start an RSS feed.

You can also choose to subscribe to topical feeds from the Browse Topics page. For example, if you type "taxes" in the filter, you will see that there are topics on Employment taxes, Estate taxes, Excise taxes, Gift taxes, Income taxes, and Taxes. If you click or one or more of those topics, you will see a "Subscribe" button in the upper right of the topic page. Click on"Subscribe" to start a feed on the chosen topic.