Time of Posting

In our first week we had some delays in posting new issues of FR 2.0 in the morning. We hope that the first week's track record will not be typical. We are going at the timeliness of posting issue in several ways. First, we have been experiencing some inconsistency in the availability of the FDsys XML bulk data and MODS metadata that feeds FR 2.0. We are working with GPO to improve those processes. GPO was also undertaking a major release of FDsys material this week, and that has now been completed. Second, we are revising our procedures so that we will generate an automatic update of the FR 2.0 site as early as possible each morning. Later in the morning, we will carry out manual tasks necessary to display featured documents in the various news sections. We hope these changes will get us into a regular production mode to better serve our customers.